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Park Board Seeks Candidates to fill Board Vacancy

Wed March 8, 2017

The DeKalb Park District Board is normally comprised of five elected Commissioners, each serving a 6-year term, (unpaid positions). The Board is sending out an invitation for individuals to apply for a recently vacated Commissioner position. This invitation is for citizens that live within the DeKalb Park District limits, have lived within the District for at least 5 years (same as City of DeKalb) and have an interest on serving on a very dynamic Board. The open position will be for a two-year term, until the next election cycle.

Anyone that is interested in applying must fill out the questionnaire form below. Once this is completed click on the submit button. These forms will be sent to the Board President, for review with the Board.

Next, a meeting will be called where all applicants who have filled out the form will be called to a special closed meeting TBD). Anyone applying for this position will be given a separate session to talk before the board and answer questions.

Once the individual interviews are complete, the Board will hopefully come to a consensus on a candidate. The chosen candidate will then be contacted by the Board President with an offer. If the offer is accepted, then the candidate will be sworn in at the next scheduled board meeting.

If there is not general consensus from the Board for any individual candidate, then more deliberation will take place within the Board. If a general consensus for a candidate is still not found, then a "failed search" will be called and that Board will have to reconvene to look at either another search or other options.