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Park Board Seeks to Fill Commissioner Vacancy

Mon June 24, 2019

PLEASE NOTE:  Application deadline has expired.

The DeKalb Park District Board of Commissioners is soliciting applicants for a vacant board position that was not filled in the April 2019 Consolidated Election. The individual appointed to the position will hold office through the April 2021 election.

The DeKalb Park District Board of Commissioners consists of five elected members who serve unsalaried six-year terms.

Individuals considering an application must be a resident of the DeKalb Park District, and for this appointment must have lived within the jurisdictional boundary of the District for at least the past three years.

Interested candidates must fill out an online Candidate Application Form below...

Deadline for accepting online applications is July 8th, 2019.

All applications will be received by the Board President and reviewed by the Park Board. The District reserves the right to accept or reject any and all applications, waive technicalities, and select the individual that best meets the requirements of the Office of Park Board Commissioner and the needs of the Park District.

Upon review, a special meeting (Executive Session) will be called where all eligible applicants will be asked to individually meet with the Board.

Park Commissioner Qualifications:
Each member of the Board of Commissioners must be a citizen of the United States, 18 years of age or older, a registered voter in the DeKalb Park District, a resident of the State of Illinois, and a resident within the DeKalb Park District's jurisdictional boundaries. Residency must be established for a minimum of three years prior to submittal of the Park Commissioner application. A person is not eligible to serve as a Park Commissioner if that person is in arrears in the payment of tax or other indebtedness due to the Park District or has been convicted in any court located in the United States of infamous crime, bribery, perjury or other felony.

Basic Expectations of Park Commissioners:
• Attend all Board meetings and functions. Park Commissioners must commit to attending monthly Board meetings, currently held on the first and third Thursday of each month, at the Ellwood House Visitors Center
• Understand the DeKalb Park District mission, services, policies, and programs
• Review agenda and supporting Board packet materials before Board meetings
• Abide by the policies of the DeKalb Park District and Federal and State statutes governing the operations of the Park District
• Assist the Board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities

Application Review Process:

Application information will be reviewed by the Board President and the Park Board. Once this is complete, a special meeting (Executive Session) will be called where all applicants will be asked to individually meet with the Board.

Failure to meet with the Board at the designated time will not necessarily exclude an individual from being considered for the position, but will mean that the person will not be considered in the first round of potential candidate picks.

Any further questions on this questionnaire or general procedures on applying for this vacated position should be addressed solely to:

Phil Young, President
DeKalb Park District
Board of Commissioners