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Park District Implements 5-year Strategic Plan

Tue May 7, 2019

The DeKaStrategic Planning Imagelb Park District Board recently approved a Strategic Plan document at the April Public Meeting that will serve as guide for the District over the next 5 years.


Paper copies of the plan are also available for viewing at any DeKalb Park District office location.

Creating the Plan

In late 2017, the DeKalb Park District Board of Commissioners and staff recognized the need for developing a strategic plan that would update and build upon the previous strategic plan that had been adopted in 2008. The DeKalb Park District’s Board of Commissioners authorized the formation of a Strategic Planning Committee with a goal of creating a strategic plan that would guide the District in setting priorities for the next five years. The result of the strategic planning process would be a re-evaluation of the District’s purpose, values, and vision as well as identifying goals and strategies for achieving these goals. The primary goal of the strategic planning process was an alignment of strategy and goals of the board of commissioners, and community.

The committee contracted a consulting company to assist the Park District in preparing a new strategic plan. Planning sessions were held with the Strategic Planning Committee, staff and community focus groups.  Strategic issues were identified, and a set of goals and objectives were explored.

As a part of the planning process the District also contracted with a consultant for the development of a community survey. This community survey was conducted via mail and phone to obtain community feedback on the overall impression of the District, and to learn what residents want from their District. The results of the community survey, along with the results of focus groups, helped to develop goals and objectives for the District.

As information was collected and discussed, key strategies were developed to form the foundation of the plan.  Five-Year Key Strategies (not listed in any specific order of expected completion dates) include…

  • Determine Plan for Replacement or Renovation of Hopkins Pool
  • Improve Trail Network
  • Improve and Update Existing Facilities, Parks, and Trails
  • Improve the District’s Financial Sustainability
  • Build Community and Customer Loyalty
  • Develop Innovative Programming to Meet Community Needs
  • Lead Efforts in Community Conservation of Energy and Natural Resources, Environmental Protection, and Sustainability
  • Update District Comprehensive Master Plan
  • Enhance the Workplace Environment

A Strategic Plan Matrix was then created that includes tactics and timelines to achieve the key strategies set forth.  Progress on the Strategic Plan implementation will be regularly reviewed by District Board and Staff through quarterly reports and an annual written review of the initiatives.

The DeKalb Park District would like to thank all the citizens and community stakeholders that participated in the creation of the Strategic Plan.  The input received served as the foundation of the strategies set forth in the plan.


Please direct questions or comments to…

Amy Doll, Executive Director

(815)758-6663 ext 7265