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How Do You Play Passport

This summer, we invite you to participate in our FREE Passport Adventure!

Visit 10 park locations...share your photos with us...receive a prize!

Giveaways will also be distributed randomly each week!


  1. Visit our parks, playgrounds, trails, facilities, and events this summer.
  2. Take pictures at play.
  3. Share your pictures on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #howdoyouplay
  4. Once you have visited 10 park locations, email us your photos to to receive your prize.

Added bonus: We will have a SELFIE STATION at one of our parks, find it, take your selfie & share your picture!

By sending us your pictures or sharing them on social media, you are allowing us to publicly post them on the Park District website and social media pages.

Prizes to be awarded:

  • Pool Daily Admissions
  • How Do You Play? Swagbag
  • DeKalb Park District Hats
  • DeKalb Park District Shirts
  • Program Passes
  • and more!