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Come Dance with Dimensions!

Dimensions Dance Academy and DeKalb Park District have teamed up to offer a great session of dance programs to people of all ages! Explore dance classes below that are being offered throughout the year. It is recommended within the dance industry that students repeat a specific class for several sessions. As with any sport, it takes time to perfect the movements and gain a full understanding of what is being taught.

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Sessions held at Dimensions Dance Academy, 134 E. Lincoln Hwy

Early Childhood Dance

Movin' Munchkins (Ages 18 months - 3 )You and your munchkin join in silly songs and creative dances in an informal setting. Fun-filled music and movement get the little one shakin' and groovin'!

Session 1: September 13-October 23
Session 2: November 6- December 18
Saturdays |9:30-10:00 am| $36 R/$45 NR

Twinkle Toes (Ages 3-4)Stretching and basic ballet positions are taught through exciting song and dance. Scarves, beanbags, and rhythm sticks are incorporated to engage your dancer.

September 18-October 23 or November 6-December 18Saturdays |10:15-10:45 am | $36 R/$45 NR

Tiny Tumblers (Ages 3-6)Watch as your dancer's confidence blossoms while learning basic dance skills and movements. These different class options have something for everyone!

September 17-October 22 or November 5-December 17 Fridays | 5:00-5:30 pm | $36 R/$45 NR

Happy Feet (Ages 5-6) Your dancer's confidence blossoms as they learn the foundational movements of ballet and jazz dance. Come have fun learning the fundamentals of dance with us!

September 18-October 23 or November 6-December 18
Saturdays |11:00-11:30 am | $36 R/$45 NR

Friday Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop is a high energy dance style that incorporates street dance, popping, locking, and many other dance styles and techniques. Teacher and Hip Hop dancer, Dakota Montavon encourages his students to push their limits as they discover new ways of moving, rhythm, and musicality. All of our class options are sure to keep dancers engaged while bustin' a move to upbeat classics new and old. All ages and abilities welcome.

Session 1: September 17-October 22
Session 2: November 5- December 17
Small Fry (Ages 3-6) 5:35-6:05 pm
Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop (Ages 7-13) 6:45-7:30 pm
$54 R/$68 NR per session

Youth Dance (Ages 7-13)

Get your young dancer moving with several dance-style options!

September 13- October 18 or November 1- December 13
Mondays | 5:00-5:45 pm |$54 R/$68 NR

September 14-October 19 or November 2-December 14
Tuesdays |6:00-6:30 pm Ballet | $36 R/$45 NR

September 14-October 19 or November 2-December 14
Tuesdays| 6:30-7:00 pm | $36 R/$45 NR

September 16-October 21 or November 4-December 16
Thursday |6:00-6:30 pm | $36 R/$45 NR

September 16-October 21 or November 4-December 16
Thursdays| 6:30-7:00 pm | $36 R/$45 NR

Adult Dance (Ages 14+)

Have you always wanted to take up the art of dance but never had a chance? Maybe you have danced in the past and want to get in touch with your inner dancer again. Regardless of our background, these no judgement classes will get and keep you moving!

Adult Beginner Ballet
Session 1: September 18 - October 23
Session 2: November 6 - December 18
Saturdays | 9:30-10:15 am| $54 R/$68 NR

Adult Beginner Tap
Session 1: September 13 - October 18
Session 2: November 1 - December 13
Mondays | 5:00-5:45 pm | $54 R/$68 NR