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Revised Budget Appropriation Ordinance FY2021-22

Fri February 5, 2021

 DeKalb, IL- The Park Board voted at the February 4, 2021 Park Board Meeting, the approved action to direct staff to post for public inspection Ordinance 21-01: Budget & Appropriation Ordinance for FY2022.

Revised Budget  Appropriation Ordinance FY2021-22 TENTATIVE

The combined annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance appropriates monies that are necessary to cover the projected expenses and liabilities the District may incur in its next fiscal year.  The ordinance must be passed and approved within or before the first quarter of each fiscal year.  The ordinance is first prepared in tentative form and made conveniently available for public inspection for at least 30 days prior to final action. The District will have a printed copy available in the administrative offices at Hopkins and post it to the District’s website. 

The appropriation is the District’s legal spending limit.  It is, in effect, a statement of the maximum amount that could be spent if sufficient funds were available. No expenditure can be incurred, and no contract can be entered into unless the expenditure has been anticipated and provided for in the appropriation ordinance. Appropriating an amount higher than the budgeted amount does not change the staff’s authority for purchasing.  It does, however, save District resources in the event that circumstances require that the District spend more than they have budgeted in a fund, by not requiring that the District amend the budget and appropriation ordinance. Amending the ordinance requires the same process as passing the original budget ordinance, including posting notice in the newspaper and having a public hearing. Staff have included an appropriation 10% higher than the budget, which is the same percentage as last year.

Staff will request board adoption of the Budget and Appropriation Ordinance at the March 8, 2021 Board Meeting, following the Public Hearing on the same night.

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