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Nature Trail: Phase Two

Tue October 22, 2019

In November 2017, the DeKalb Park District approved a plan for restoration work to be done on the DeKalb Nature Trail.  The plan calls for the removal of undesirable and invasive species, as well as introduction of high-quality native species that will improve the overall quality and ecological function of the plant communities.  It will provide habitat for birds and butterflies in the heart of our community.

The project was bid out and the restoration work was awarded to Encap, Inc. of DeKalb.  This first phase of the project was completed in late fall and winter 2018. The second phase will begin in middle of November and last about a month (weather permitting.) Phase two will include removal of invasive and undesirable understory shrubs and plants, removal of ground clutter, and planting of high quality seed and shrubs.

No mature trees will be removed and any dead trees which do not pose a hazard to residents will be left as wildlife habitat. Selective herbicide applications will be used.

We are confident that the end result will produce a beautiful trail corridor to be enjoyed by residents for decades to come. In addition, animal, bird, and insect species will flourish along the trial.