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New Park Board Members Sworn in at May Meeting

Fri May 21, 2021

DeKalb, IL- The DeKalb Park District is pleased to announce two new board members, Patrick Fagan and Joel French, have joined the DeKalb Park Board as of May 20, 2021.

The DeKalb Park District Board of Commissioners consists of five elected members who serve unsalaried 4-year terms.

“My family has utilized DeKalb Park District in many ways, from swim instruction to baseball, basketball, golf, and the overall usage of the parks. I want to maintain the ability for future generations to have the same opportunities,” commented, Patrick Fagan. “I believe that when people look at a community, they look at the park system along with schools and quality of life. Right now, with the business growth, we have so much potential of offering a better place to live.”

Fagan brings a wealth of institutional knowledge to the Park Board, having served on numerous community boards, including the Police Pension Board and being a former 4th Ward Alderman.

French has been an advocate for Park District facilities for several years, playing an integral part in communicating the importance of maintaining golf courses within the DeKalb community.

“I ran for the DeKalb Park Board to give everyone a voice and to improve our community’s wonderful investments. I look forward to working with the other commissioners, community members, and leaders to creatively make a positive difference,” stated Joel French. “We have a lot to be proud of and I am looking forward to continuing our progress.”

The month of May also marks the annual meeting for the Election of Board Officers. By a unanimous vote on all positions, Patrick Fagan was selected as the new Park Board President; Dag Grada, Vice President; Gail Krmenec, Secretary; Joel French, Treasurer; and Phil Young, Commissioner.

“I look forward to working with John, the new Executive Director, staff, and my fellow board members to advance the DeKalb Park District forward,” stated new Park Board President, Pat Fagan.

The change in board officers marks the end of Phil Young’s role as Park Board President.

"It has been an honor and privilege to serve as the DeKalb Park District’s Board President these past five years. While at times it can be a thankless job, the rewards are in seeing the accomplishments that the District makes to add value and improve the quality of life for the community that we represent," said Young.

Park District Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, starting at 6:00 pm in the Terrace Room at Hopkins Park Community Center, located at 1403 Sycamore Road. If you would like to reach out to any of the DeKalb Park Board Commissioners or stay up-to-date on Park Board Business, please visit for more details.