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NOTICE: Construction Work at 1st Street Entrance to Nature Trail

Sat July 20, 2019

As part of the resurfacing North First Street between Dresser Road and Bethany Road this year, the City of DeKalb installed a curb cut at the 1st Street end of the Nature Trail. The purpose of the curb cut is to accommodate future expansion of the Nature Trail from First Street to Bethany Road. A "point of refuge" will also be installed as a part of this project. This point of refuge, or larger concrete pad installation at the end of the Nature Trail will be installed to provide a place for pedestrians and cyclists to wait to cross First Street without obstructing any pedestrians that are utilizing the sidewalk on 1st Street. In order for the trail to meet the slope requirements of the ADA, there will need to be work done approximately 25 feet from the First Street end of the trail along the trail. This work will primarily be an overlayment of asphalt with a butt joint to connect the new asphalt with the existing trail. The contractors will also be required to restore any disturbed areas along this section of trail once the work is completed. The easement will grant the City's contractors the right to do this work on the District's property. The work would be done at the expense of the City, at no cost to the District.

It is expected that this work will be done in late July and will require a partial trail closure for a couple of days while the work is completed.  Thank you for your patience as we work together to improve the trail network in DeKalb!