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Summer Camp, Events and Programs Status Still Up in the Air

Tue May 5, 2020

DeKalb, IL- The mission of the DeKalb Park District is to connect the community, enhance the quality of life, and improve the environment. Staff takes this mission seriously and works towards fulfilling that mission every day. We know the value that parks, programs, events, open spaces, and facilities provide to the mental and physical health of our community.

At this time, a decision has not been made about summer programs, leagues, and events. Staff has been working diligently to make sure plans are in place to resume these programs when we are able. We are also working towards a plan to offer these programs safely, which may lead to modifications based on new restrictions. There is a possibility that due to new safety guidelines, some programs may not be able to be offered at all this summer.

Instead of canceling programs, staff is hopeful that programs such as camp, baseball/softball, t-ball, and much more will have delayed start dates. Whether those start dates are in June, July, or August, it is unclear at this time. Canceling programs, leagues, and events now would be hasty, as the Park District wants the opportunity to make lasting memories with you this summer, whatever that may look like.

As we get closer to summer, the inquiries about the status of summer programs and events have increased, especially about the ability to open our pool. Like you, we have many questions too. Hopkins Pool has not been closed for the summer at this time, however, there are many variables such as lifeguard training and new safety guidelines that may result in an opening with major restrictions.

“Although the District is waiting on the State for guidance, we are looking forward to the summer and how we can best serve the residents of DeKalb,” stated Superintentent of Recreation, Greg Bruggeman. “We continue to monitor developments and adjust our programs accordingly. We look forward to a time we can serve the community in all capacities again.”

The Park District is presently seeking feedback from the community for expanded virtual program options this summer. Safe, social distancing programs are currently being offered such as E-sports, the DeKalb Urban Challenge, the Great Garlic Mustard Hunt, and more.

For more information about these programs and to take the Virtual Program survey, please visit When we receive guidance on how to proceed with programs in June, we will communicate that with the community.