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Fri September 6, 2019

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As part of the District's maintenance program, seal coating will be taking place at several locations around the District over the next 3 weeks. For your safety, please stay off of the pathways during the posted closure times.

Sealcoating schedule may be adjusted due to weather conditions.

For additional information, contact Mat Emken, Superintendent of Parks at 779-777-7276.

Week of Sept 9th-12th

Prairie Park (all pathways) - Monday September 9 and Tuesday September 10

Katz Park (ballfield pathway system) - Tuesday September 10

Hopkins Park (pathway along Sycamore Road and through the woods along the river to Hillcrest)


Full Sealcoating Schedule...

Location Closure Date Re-Open Date
Prairie Park Paths Sept 9th Sept 11th
Katz Park Paths Sept 10th Sept 11th
Hopkins Park     Sept 11th Sept 12th

(Sycamore Rd-Hillcrest)

Hopkins Park Sept 16th Sept 17th
(South Drive, Ballfield Lot, Shelter Lot)    
 Hopkins Park  Sept 17th  Sept 18th
(North Drive, North Parking Lot, Interior Paths)    
Wright Farm Park/S. Malta Rd. Path Sept 18th Sept 20th
River Heights GC/Buena Vista GC Lots Sept 23rd Sept 25th