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Welcome to the DeKalb Park District Virtual Community Center!

Virtual Community Center
We are so glad that you are here! We hope that you use this Virtual Community Center as a resource for your household during the pandemic. See new things, experience new wonders, be creative, challenge yourself and most of all-have fun!

Virtual Girl Painting

Do you have a virtual program idea for us? Contact us!

Take a scroll through our Virtual Community Center-whether you are visiting a local museum, learning a new skill, exploring the surface of Mars or hiking a glacier at one of our national parks, there is much to discover! You can also view our seasonal Program Guide and look for the blue "V" icon to discover virtual program offerings.

Slide to view program tabs for Field Trips & Tours, Nature, Local History, Fitness, Early Childhood and more! Be sure to check back for new additions throughout the year.

Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, & Theme Parks!

British Museum
Vatican Museum
Royal Academy of Arts
San Diego Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoo
Georgia Aquarium
National Aquarium
Biltmore House
Walt Disney Parks

World Wonders & Beyond

Machu Picchu
Great Pyramid of Giza
International Space Station
Mars Surface Replica

Over 21 Tours

Whiskey Acres
Buffalo Trace Distillery
Glenturret Distillery

Not sure what to pick? Try Google's Random Street Generator and go on a virtual tour on random streets across the planet. Refresh your browser to land somewhere new each time!

DeKalb Parks

Explore all of the parks within the DeKalb District! Did you know there are 44 park sites and nearly 700 acres to discover?

DeKalb County Forest Preserves

These preserves serve as small living museums that give us the opportunity to study and reflect on the past, add serenity and beauty to the present. If you are an aspiring naturalist, take the City Nature Challenge.

National Parks

Google will take you on a mind-blowing virtual tour of some of our most breathtaking National Parks! Choose from the Kenai Fjords, Hawaii Volcanoes, Carlsbad Caverns, Bryce Canyon, or the Dry Tortugas.

Today, the national parks of the United States cover 84 million acres. But how many national parks are there in the United States? Across America, there are 401! Here is a list of the most visited national parks in the United States, by year since 1980!

You can also go on a virtual hike at Yosemite National Park.


If you loved our Goat Yoga, make a donation and explore e-learning options with Live, Learn, and Lead vocational farm with options to take a farm tour, farm class, or even schedule a Zoom meeting with a goat!

Air Pano has hundreds of 360 degree video and photo options to explore amazing locations all over the planet! This site is a must-see for hours of awe-inspiring footage.


Join Athletic Coordinator, Jeff Myles of the DeKalb Park District for a series of Softball and Baseball Drills that you can do from the safety of your home or backyard! You can also team up with Soccer Coordinator, Dan Herrmann for some Soccer Drills that you can do in your favorite local park.

DeKalb Urban Challenge

Individuals and families are invited to participate in the DeKalb Urban Challenge, a game to test your Knowledge, Strategy, and sense of Adventure! Teams of up to five people may participate in a series of hints and clues across DeKalb to find the correct locations (teams only eligible for prizes during the month of May).

Ellwood House Museum

Our friends over at the Ellwood House Museum have some wonderful, e-learning resources such as the Architectural Scavenger Hunt, Tour Your House, and Spotlight on the Ellwoods program (Harriet Ellwood, May Ellwood, and the Ellwood House servants).

Glidden Homestead and Historical Center

Learn more about the Glidden family and barbed wire here!


Keeping active is more important than ever! Check out some free resources below that will help you create a routine from the safety of your home, local neighborhood or favorite park to maintain your body's health.

Kids Yoga
Yoga for Older Adults
10 Week 'Beginner to 5K' Training Plan
Cardio Fitness
Fitness for Older Adults