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Youth Athletic Leagues

Youth Athletic Leagues are offered year-round for players of all ages and skill levels. Leagues include:

Basketball | Indoor Soccer | Outdoor baseball/softball

Please see sport specific tabs below to learn more and sign up for our RainOut Line for email or text message weather alerts and announcements! For our face covering guidelines, please click here.

Facility & Field Report/Weather Alert

Participant Code of Conduct

DeKalb Park District requires all athletic staff, coaches, players, parents and spectators to abide by a "Code of Conduct" with the following guidelines:

  • Show respect to all participants, staff & spectator.
  • Refrain from using foul language.
  • Refrain from inflicting bodily harm upon other participants, staff & spectators.
  • Show respect for equipment, supplies and facilities.

Additional guidelines may be developed as deemed necessary. DeKalb Park District reserves the right to dismiss a participant or spectator for inappropriate conduct. Each situation will be evaluated on its own merit.

Co-Ed Youth T-ball League(Ages 4-6) Recreational t-ball leagues are a great way to introduce your child to fundamental skills, rules, and sportsmanship of youth baseball and softball. Face coverings are required when indoors, in the dugout and when 6 feet or less of physical distancing cannot be maintained. Practices will be held at least once per week, potentially more, depending on the coach and field availability. There will be 1 game per week. Each player will need a glove and gym shoes, cleats are optional. Cleats have to be a molded cleat. Rainouts will be handled by coaches.

Monday-Thursday, 6:15-8:15 pm

Registration Deadline: April 26

If you have not heard from your coach by May 16, contact Wendy Hayes at (779) 777-7262Opening Day on June 5, at Sports & Rec Center for 1st Games and Pictures. Games played at Deprin Park, located at 302 Hillcrest Drive $70 IDR/$80 R

Bad weather? Stay up-to-date with our RainOut Line this summer!

T-Ball Summer Schedule

Youth Baseball, Softball, & T-Ball Leagues

Recreational youth leagues teach fundamental skills, rules, and sportsmanship of youth baseball/softball from beginning through advanced levels. Limited spots are available for t-ball, 8U, 10U, 12U, and softball. For availability, please email Jeff Myles at

Register Now

Season: April - July

Registration Deadline: March 31, 2021

Youth Baseball

League In-District Rate
Out-of-District Rate Teams Selected by
T-Ball (co-ed) $70 $80 May 3
8U (Coaches Pitch) $100 $110 May 3
10U League
$100 $110 April 24
12U League $100 $110 April 10
14U League ** $149 $159 April 3

*League assignment is determined by participant's age on August 31st, 2021
Registration Deadline: March 31
** U-14 Registration Deadline: March 15

Girls Softball:

League In-District Rate
Out-of-District Rate Teams Selected by
1st-2nd Grade
$100 $110 May 3
3rd-4th Grade $100 $110 April 10
5th-6th Grade
$100 $110 April 10
7th-8th Grade $120 $130 April 3

*League assignment is determined by participant's grade during the 2020-2021 school year
Registration Deadline: March 31

Summer Schedules:


14U Summer Baseball Schedule

12U Summer Baseball Schedule

10U Summer Baseball Schedule

8U Summer Baseball Schedule

Girls Softball

14U Summer Girls Softball Schedule

12U Summer Girls Softball Schedule

10U Summer Girls Softball Schedule

8U Summer Girls Softball Schedule

Return to Play - COVID 19 Waiver

COVID-19 Impact on Youth Baseball, Softball, T-ball

The DeKalb Park District is excited to offer our Youth Baseball Programs! We are allowed to offer the league as long as the State of Illinois is in Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan. Any downgrade into Phase 3 or lower will result in the suspension or cancellation of the season (a full or pro-rated refund will be given, depending on where we are in the season when the downgrade occurs). In Phase 4, there are guidelines that the DeKalb Park District must adhere to. Regardless of your position, these guidelines are not negotiable and in order for this league to be in good standing, we must adhere to the guidelines. Failure to do so by players, coaches, or spectators, may result in the cancellation of the season, which only harms the players. Therefore, the below guidelines are in effect until we achieve Phase 5 status:

  1. Participants should wear face coverings over their nose and mouth whenever not exercising (exceptions can be made for people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely wearing a face covering). Review our face covering guidelines here.
  2. Before allowing participation in the sport, sport organizers or coaches should ask whether participant is currently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. If participant does have symptoms, they should wait to enter premises for a minimum of 10 days after symptom onset OR until feverless and feeling well (without fever-reducing medication) for at least 72 hours OR confirmed to not have COVID-19 via 2 negative COVID-19 tests in a row, with testing done at least 24 hours apart.
  3. Sport organizers or coaches should maintain attendance log of participants.
  4. Participants should wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before participating.
  5. Participants should bring their own source of water and refrain from using any communal sources of hydration (e.g., team water or sports drink jug).
  6. No handshakes at the beginning or end of games and practice.
  7. Non-competitive activities (e.g., practices, drills, lessons) should be set up to allow for 6-ft. of distancing between participants whenever possible. If social distancing cannot be maintained during game play, participants should still maintain 6-ft. of distancing while on the sidelines or not directly involved in the game.
  8. There are designated spectator seating areas, which may have been altered since your last visit to the fields. There may be some seats marked off or placed out of service so that 6 ft. of distance can be maintained throughout the games. Please be respectful of social distancing and use only the approved areas for spectating.
  9. Please bring your own chairs from home. Using bleachers or other permanent seating may jeopardize your health if not properly sanitized.
  10. Players are encouraged to bring their own equipment. Sharing of equipment is strongly discouraged. If sharing of equipment is done, proper sanitizing needs to be completed before the equipment is switched.
  11. Group sizes should be limited to 50 total participants, coaches, and referees (i.e. excludes spectators)
    1. Any additional team members not participating in game play should sit on the sidelines 6-ft. apart from one another
    2. During practice as well as competitive games, multiple groups of 50 or fewer participants permitted at once as long as:
      1. Venue allows for social distancing of participants, employees and spectators
      2. 30-ft of distancing is maintained between groups/ opposing teams on the sidelines
      3. Areas for each group are clearly marked to discourage interaction between groups outside of competitive game play

COVID-19 and Games

With the season beginning soon, we want to remind all players, coaches, parents, and other family members of a few unique things for our games this fall.

  1. The dugouts and bleachers will be reserved for coaches and players to ensure that social distancing can be achieved. Athletes shall be dropped off and picked up from designated areas.
  2. Coaches will be required to wear a face mask if unable to maintain a 6-foot distance.
  3. Coaches are responsible for ensuring physical distancing is maintained between players.
  4. Coaches should be the only ones to handle coaching equipment; do not let parents or spectators/fans assist.
  5. Each team shall supply 3 game balls that will only be used by their team while on the field. Only coaches or athletes may retrieve their team's foul ball(s).
  6. Players shall use their own gloves, helmets, and bats. No sharing of gear. Recommended that all equipment is sanitized before and after each use.
  7. All communal athlete equipment, such as catcher's gear, will be required to be sanitized before and after each use. The Park District will provide disinfectant that shall be used to sanitize equipment.
  8. Players must bring their own water/beverage to consume during and after practice. No shared drinking coolers.
  9. Spectators/Fans must remain in their designated areas. Fans are encouraged to bring their own chairs or stand.

Please understand that the DeKalb Park District finds no joy in the enforcement of these policies but without them, the season will be in jeopardy for the players. Our goal is not in enforcement but in playing baseball and softball. Help us by following the Phase 4 guidelines!

Questions: Call (815)758-7756

Interested in Sponsoring a team? Call (779)777-7262

Volunteer to be a Coach! Do it for the kids. Do it for yourself.

The foundation of our youth sports programs is our volunteer coaches. Coaching is an experience that can make a positive
and life changing difference in the lives of our youth as well as your own. Coaches are needed for baseball, softball, t-ball and
basketball. For more information about being a volunteer coach, please contact Jeffrey Myles (779)777-7264 or Become one of our Safe(T)eam Coordinators!

Youth Fall Baseball & Softball Leagues

Don't put your bat and glove away once summer is over! Join us for our season of Fall Youth Baseball & Softball Leagues! Registration Open: June 1 - August 1

Youth Baseball: 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U
Youth Softball: 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14UCo-ed Fall T-Ball

Teams play an 8-10 game season. 8U leagues for baseball and softball are in-house leagues. All other age groups travel to Sycamore, Wasco, and Genoa for games. Practices start the week of August 9 | Games begin the weekend of September 6.Practices and games are twice-a-week (including Saturdays & Sundays) with a post season tournament in late October.

League Fees: T-Ball $70; 8U $100; 10U $100, 12U $100, and 14U $149

Tips For Being A Great Coach

Parents Code Of Conduct

Recreational Basketball League

This instructional, recreational league includes practice times as well as game play. Volunteers are needed to coach in all the boys, girls, and coed leagues. Games and practices are held at Sports and Recreation Center.
Evaluations the week of July 19 | Drafts the week of July 26
Players will be contacted within 3 days of the draft.

Practice starts the week of August 2
Season starts September 18 - November 20

Mondays: COED 3rd-4th grade

Tuesdays: BOYS 5th-6th Grade

Wednesdays: GIRLS 5th-6th Grade

Thursdays: BOYS 7th-8th NEW!

Fridays: GIRLS 7th-8th NEW!

Player Fee: $60 IDR/$72 R

Registration Forms

Youth Basketball | Youth Indoor Soccer | Youth Baseball/Softball

Other Documents

Indoor Soccer Rules | Friendship Request Form | Volunteer Handbook