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S.A.M.A. Karate Of DeKalb

Learn discipline, focus, self-confidence, coordination, fitness, self-defense and more through the study of karate. Classes are taught by Sensei Shannon Marbutt and his assistants. Belt, tests, uniforms, and other equipment are available at reasonable fees payable to the instructor. These are NO CONTACT classes. Voted "One of the Best" Martial Arts programs in DeKalb County's Finest, as part of the Daily Chronicle Reader's Choice Awards.

Tiny Dragons (Ages 3-4: must be potty trained) April 6 - May 27 | 5:00-5:30pmTuesdays & Thursdays | Haish Gymnasium$72 IDR/$86 R

Beginner/Intermediate Kids (Ages 5-13)(white, orange, yellow belts) April 6 - May 27 | 5:30-6:30pmTuesdays & Thursdays | Haish Gymnasium$72 IDR/$86 R

Advanced Kids (Ages 5-13) (green belt and higher) April 6 - May 27 | 6:30-7:30pmTuesdays & Thursdays | Haish Gymnasium $72 IDR/$86 R

Chess Wizards (K-5th Grade)

Participate in epic chess games, fun and interactive lessons, tournaments, team matches, trivia and more! Our specialized classes are a blast for everyone kindergarten through fifth. Whether you have been playing chess for your entire life and want to improve, are brand new to the game, or you just want to have a fun experience with your friends - Chess Wizards is the place for you! Classes are offered through zoom.

Thursdays | 4:30-5:30pm | $93 IDR/ $111 R Virtual Session: April 15 - May 20

STEAM Studio Sessions- Become a Weather Forecaster

Ages 8-11
Before satellites and advanced radar, weather forecasts were made by understanding cloud formations and wind directions. As a beginning weather forecaster, you will explore the science of weather systems and use your senses to make your own weather forecasts. Each week you will explore a new weather system and make your own weather instruments and engage in fun, hands-on activities that will increase your understanding of weather forecasting. Instruction will include a combination of live online interactions with NIU STEAM Experts and downloadable step-by-step instruction. In this NIU STEAM Studio you will: o Interpret and understand weather maps o Investigate pressure, and fog o Learn the types of participation and how to identify differ storms. o You will use household items build weather instruments and models o Create your own weather forecast video. Instructors: Jeremy Benson and K.C. Sauer.

Thursdays | 4:00-5:30pm | Fee is $120 | Virtual Session April 1 - May 20

STEAM Studio Sessions- Minecraft: Building and Block Coding

Ages 8-11
Are you interested in Minecraft, block coding, world building and Redstone? This fun online workshop helps to develop skills in coding, problem solving and teamwork. Join us for eight sessions of STEAM Studio fun. Minecraft Education Edition is available on Windows, MAC, iPad, and Chromebook! Instruction will include a combination of live online interactions with NIU STEAM Experts, along with recorded videos, and downloadable step-by-step instruction. In this workshop you will: o Build 3D worlds in a community server o Learn the basics of coding logic o Animate your Minecraft build with Redstone o Use block coding in Microsoft MakeCode o Code the Minecraft Agent to build, dance, and more Computer Hardware and Software Requirements: View this list of minimum requirements for attending the Minecraft Workshop. ( Additional Equipment: o Computer Mouse (For PC, MAC, and Chromebook) o Headphone with microphone capability o Webcam

Mondays | 4:00-5:30pm | Fee is $120 | Virtual Session April 5 - May 24

More Virtual Youth Recreation Programs available in our Virtual Community Center

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